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Key properties of our company

Application development

We will make you a bespoke internet/desktop application, which will make your job easier

Computer security

We can test the security of your system and identify eventual security threats

Computer vision

Our algorithms can percieve the world the same way like the humans do

Development and application of artificial intelligence

Our applications using artificial intelligence can solve compley problems with ease

About the company

WAPS Technologies s.r.o. was founded after long experience in programming and security on the internet. We were created by separating from company Novotechno, where we were an IT department. In the last few years we studied artificial intelligence algorithms and their implementation into common applications.

Our intention is to use more artificial intelligecne algorithms in the bussiness area. For example in the area of production, planning or administration area.

We collaborate with companies from all around the Europe on software development, which is intended to automate various company processes as much as possible.

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Application development

We can write programms on desktop in many languages (C++, C#, Python).

Also we create applications and systems for web using HTML + CSS and other technologies like Javascript, PHP or Python.

We can also offer development of mobile applications in Java or using Apache Cordova.

Our company can even create you a static or dynamic web site.

Of course we can also work with databases of varisous manufacturers (MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle).

Computer security

We offer examination of security of your system, but even a protection against attacks aimed to social engineering.

We can find security holes, backdoors, or any other threats, that threatens your system.

We also test the security against DDoS attacks, XSS or SQL injections.

Computer vision

We develop programs, that are dealing with computer vision.

Our programms are using classic conventional algorithms (template matching, edge detection...), but even biologically inspired algorithms (convolutional neural netowrks).

By these algorithms we can detect various objects like text, people, street signs etc. in an image or a video.

Development and application of artificial intelligence

We are developing and using algorithms with artifical intelligence.

These algorithms contain various kinds of neural networks (classic, convolutional or reccurent), evolutional algorithms and much more.

These algorithms are more effective and more precise than other conventional algorithms in many cases.


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